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CNC Routing

A Class Cladding routing services have experience with the following products:
-  Aluminium Composite panels
- Honeycomb panel
- Solid Aluminium


Step 1 
design of panels

Design phase of the CNC routing starts with our clients specifications and drawings to suit their needs for specific projects. A simple sketch from the client will be drawn up using the latest CAD technology by our drafting team. Once drafting is complete this will be sent to our client in PDF form for an official approval by the client.

Step 2
Routing of panels

Routing phase for the client is now put into action once official drawings have been approved by the client. The CNC is now put to work to produce a very accurate and professional finish.

Stage 3
Delivery/Pickup options

Once CNC routing is complete the panel will be packaged up for either a pickup or delivery service. Our client will have the option of either pick up or delivery to site.

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